VIP Room

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Feel like a million bucks in the comfort of our air-conditioned VIP Room and get front row seats to Sabah’s epic sunsets from every angle!

As with most cruises, a private room away from the crowd is a must and we’re well prepared for it. Our VIP Room is designed to achieve just the right touch of sophisticated elegance to cater a variety of occasions! With a capacity of 20 – 25 pax, there is ample space for all to sit comfortably. Fully equipped with a karaoke set, grab a mic and release your inner songstress to the tunes of local and International songs.

We’re all for customising to fit your needs. Be it birthday parties, a gathering of family and friends, anniversaries, corporate events, bachelor/bachelorette parties or even proposals, our team has got you covered!


MYR 2,000 nett for VIP Room

MYR 110 nett per pax Cover Charge

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